Want to learn how to grill like a pro? 9 tips to up your grilling game!

Want to learn how to grill like a pro? 9 tips to up your grilling game!

Summer will be here before you know it and who doesn’t want to show off their prowess as grill master? Here are my nine top tips to get you grilling with the best of them!

Tip 1: Clean your grill. If your grill is new then this will be an easy first step – your work has almost been done for you by the manufacturer. However, I highly recommend oiling your grates. Before turning on the fire of your grill, use a brush to lightly oil them. Vegetable, olive or grapeseed oil is perfect. If you don’t have a brush – use a paper towel coated with oil.

Tip 2: Pre-heat. Fire up the grill! Now’s the time to allow the oil to lubricate and begin to evaporate on the grates. This is an important step so you don’t lose your food on the grill. Nothing is worse than leaving half of your burger as a sacrifice to the grill gods.

charcoal grill

Tip 3: Don’t over mix your food. Burgers are the perfect example of a summer time favorite that, if done right, will make you an all-star…but could also easily go wrong. Using the proper blend of meat and seasoning without mixing into mush is important so your burgers take shape and cook evenly to the desired doneness.

Tip 4: Rest (you and the food!). Let the prepped food sit at room temperature for 30 minutes; cold food cooks inconsistently. Allowing meats, like beef, come to a warmer temperature before grilling allows you to achieve those beautiful grill marks and helps your food cook more evenly.

  • You’ll notice that a lot of steps are complimentary to making a great finished product

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to use different heat settings. When you’re just learning how to grill, it’s easy to think that turning all the burners to the max setting is best for all grill needs. However, it’s a best practice to prep the grill with a gradual change in heat settings. For example, having a hot zone to sear, and medium and low zones for continuing to cook once seared is ideal for allowing the food cook without burning.

multiple heat zones

Tip 6: Oil is your friend – don’t make it your foe. I’m sure you’ve noticed that tips one and two both mention oil – cleaning and  lightly oiling your grill grates. Now that the fire has been turned on though, DO NOT oil the grates. You could cause a fire, which would make for an eventful cookout but not in the way you’d hoped.

Tip 7: Seasoning is clutch. A simple salt and pepper seasoning will bring out the natural flavors of your food but stepping up your salt game is ideal. I recommend a course kosher salt. It has an extra without over powering your food. And because the crystals are larger it adds to the presentation.


Tip 8: Use the right tools for the job! Through tongs and towels, all things are possible. Having these items in reach will make your grill life easier. Why? Because, the tools will do the heavy lifting for you.  For example, if you are grilling it is important to choose a pair of tongs that are long enough to keep you from burning yourself. Kitchen towels are another investment that will be helpful to keep on hand.

Tip 9: Rest (yes, again)! Now that you’ve grilled your food, you’re ready to experience your amazing new creations. WAIT! I know – it’s hard…but also really important. Giving your food time to rest allows any juices that may have escaped to be reabsorbed back into the meat. Giving you a more moist and delicious result.

Bonus Tip 10: Eat and enjoy your hard work !

With these 9 tips you are well on your way to culinary greatness. Now that you’ve upped your game and learned some basics, keep researching and evolving! It pays to be a perfectionist. Cook in confidence. Cheers!

What are your best grill tips? Share below in the comments – I’d love to hear from you. If you have other topics, you’d like me to cover, let me know that as well!

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